Monday, March 6, 2017

Space1 Holodeck

Stock image depicting holographic generation
Space1 creates its first Holo Deck! The Holo Deck previously was popular in Star Trek and science fiction movies. In particular, Star Trek Voyager depicted a holographic doctor and great holographic technology. Eventually the holographic generated doctor could leave the confines of the Holodeck by use of a special Emitter. The Holodeck was frequently a subject of focus in Star Trek The Next Generation TV series.

The Space1 Holo Deck was made reality during February 23, 2017. A large viewing stage was created and a motion figurine, not human, was generated and transferred into the holo matrix. The figure then danced and the hologram and holo deck were adjusted for best viewing and color.

South Korea has opened the door to holodeck technology
The author traveled to South Korea to view and study the practicality of extremely advanced and perfected Korean holographic holodeck technology in December 2014. Multiple Korean KPOP human artists were created as real time holograms and made to perform on a large stage, both singing and dancing without discernible differences between the actual humans and their holographic counterparts. This remarkable experience paved the way and opened the door to creating new space applicable holographic technology for Space1.

The first Space1 holodeck stage is much smaller spanning about the size of a paper page and hosts real time three dimensional images. It's expected that the future of holography for Space1 may include holographic humanoids, hologram equipment with weightless proportions, holographic projections for science, holographic rocket part extensions and various holo science. Holo technology may store up to ten thousand times more information than conventional means and would be highly useful for data collected during space tourism and for carrying world knowledge during long term space flights and planetary migrations to new star systems for colonization. Most importantly, holographic counterparts can exist invisible inside holo generators and brought forth into existence when needed, thus saving weight and space and requiring no food or breathable air.

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