Thursday, February 23, 2017

Space1 Space Station Developments

The space station is pre-built inside the rocket before launch
Rocket contained space station

Space1 Space Station Development
February 23, 2017

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Space Station control & communications
This posting is about a new Space1 development - a new space station is now designed

Space Station Design
It's the most efficient space station to date. The entire station is pre-built and laid out as multiple levels inside and along the vertical length of the safety rocket, the part which is the nose cone and not devoted to fuel. The actual depiction is
top secret and not shown here, al- though we can show the illu- stration of a proposed Convair Atlas Space Station from the 1960s which was never built. Space1 takes this design and modifies it into a new design to make it workable.

Modified Rocket
The modified rocket loses the ability to parachute back to the Earth but gains many new functions, in particular two delta wing flyers that assist astronauts in the return to Terra.

Station Deployment & Layout
The station is pre-deployed before launch, active and self contained within the rocket. When space is achieved, the rocket station is parked. The efficient design sees solar energy and communications facilities built in as part of the rocket. The station contains two delta wing space flyers which return astronauts to the Earth. Each is a part of the rocket and has station access, and is packed initially with fuel, air, supplies and food. Replacement flyers become available with each new flight to the station.

Fliers & Engines
The space station flyers can also assist the tourist experience. Slow safe air rockets navigate the craft for tours of the outside station and breathtaking views in LEO. An airlock passage is available for astronauts to transfer to flyers without loss of air. Flyers are an extension of the station, small and do not need a heat shield due to the slow speed of reentry and extended time of Earth return. More detail will be released at a future date.

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