Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Space1 Space Hologram Division

Space1 introduces a new Holographic Space Lab HSL

We have worked with 3D and holograms in our space program for some time and already built holographic devices, generators and examined technical applications for spaceflight.

Currently we are miniaturizing our holographic generators for install into rockets and space stations, and to create more advanced small experimental Holodecks.

Holograms can be coupled with advanced time teleportation units which have far reaching applications for developing space potential. Hologram worlds can be saved and stored, and transmitted from one space-time continuum to another and likewise observed. Holos brought into the real world as functioning matter can have great and significant purpose, such as spacecraft, internal organs for humans, and objectified molecules.

We are looking at the coupling of holographic input devices and machines with 3D printers that can bring various Holo objects into real life. Likewise, sending real world elements into a Holo world is also possible.

Interacting with Holo elements is another area of development, research, design, and experimentation. Holos have an imminent phase which can be locked down. Holos tie together the human brain with other elements of the Universe. Harnessing this power could create new pathways in the exploration of space, time, and the connection of the Universe.

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