Monday, February 27, 2017

Space1 Humanoido Directive

from the office of Humanoido - Founder, Owner and CEO of Space1 Wednesday March 1, 2017

Model of the rocket and fliers
Effective immediately, I have commissioned Space1 for the construction of a great rocket, one that is multi-purposed,
looking at a mission with astronauts, humanoids, space station, and delta winged space planes all rolled into one.

The new Space1 directive has the formula for a great new rocket mission in space using our space ready astronauts, humanoids, safety rocket, twin space planes (for return missions, touring, inspections, etc.), and the newly invented space station.

We are particularly interested in the development of the new rocket that will accommodate our new astronauts. This is the first rocket that will be used for promo, photography, and articles about our quest. The vid could be extremely dramatic with our suited AI humanoids walking along the gantry and entering into the rocket capsule for the first mission.

I have already completed a very large six-engines craft in 2014-2015 to hover above the launch site and shoot the rocket as it's launched and passes by in space. I think the views will be spectacular for assembling a space movie and commentary. It should gain many more followers, and new interest in an instant for members and the new financiers.

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