Sunday, February 26, 2017

Space1 Humanoid Lineup

Space1 is now examining the lineup of the first five humanoids in the Humanoid & Rocket Labs for prospective astronaut status in regard to future spaceflight missions. 

These humanoids vary in weight, size and capabilities as well as power consumption. No different than humans, they widely vary in culture and their points of manufacturing origins. JD originated from Canada, Robonova from Korea, iSobot from Japan, and Penguin and TH1 are from the USA. Programming, support, parts, and service is provided by HRL - Humanoid Robotics Laboratory, Space1 and the Humanoid & Rocket Lab.

In particular, JD is noted for features of advanced vision, tracking, telemetry, speech and transforming. It can remember what it sees and record missions. Hands are dexterous enough to play the piano, and thus can handle some rocket instruments.  JD is the only humanoid that has a wireless link to a powerful big brain which is external to the robot. The Big Brain for JD is Terran and range specific. Robonova 1 is the heaviest, made from metal brackets, has enough DOF to adapt to various positions in the spacecraft, is equipped with strong muscle to construct spacecraft, stations in space, and do maintenance during missions. Robonova can speak a robot language using tones. iSobot has the command of English language, is the second smallest in size, the second lightest being made from poly components, and has extensive pre-programming commands with documented capability to do telescope repair and maintenance in space. It's very dexterous body and hands are good for instrumentation, for example, sitting in the cockpit and piloting the delta wing space flyer.

Penguin humanoid can speak Penguinese and do tone signalling, is absolutely the smallest humanoid and has 2 DOF for physical control if needed, in the form of small NARO servos. It has arrays of sensors such as compass, light detectors, and infrared devices. Some are dual which enable depth perception. It can log sensor data. TH1 Humanoid has large physical form - a 16-inch reach and is multi purposed, can see in various directions with sonar in total darkness, and is the largest humanoid in the lineup. It can speak tone-based and visual sign languages.

The First Humanoid Rocket Astronaut Lineup
* JD Humanoid
* Robonova 1
* iSobot
* Penguin
* TH1 Humanoid

Top left: JD, Middle two: Robonova 1 and iSobot, Bottom two: Penguin and TH1

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