Saturday, February 25, 2017

Space1 Delta Wing Flyer

Concept dual delta wing flyers
Space1 has two rocket mounted small space shuttles in the fleet hangar that can go into space by means of the Safety Rocket and return under their own glide ability and land safely on Terra. The test rocket planes have proven reliable and useful in every test, their valuable service contributing greatly to the mission.

New Space Flyer
Plans to build a delta wing flyer model
Now it's time to upgrade the entire service and concept. In 2017, these shuttles are modified by design to increase their functionality not only as flying spacecrafts but also to impart significant new functionality and purpose to the lofting rocket. In other words, a new space flyer becomes part of the rocket, then detaches at will when in space for other functions.
Delta Wing model

Introducing the Delta Wing Flyer
The new name is Delta Wing Flyer. The Delta wing shape is more ideal for the purpose of adding twin fins function to the rocket for primary stability. For safety design reasons, the fliers are not powered by dangerous black powder or liquid fueled engines.

Transformer Space Functions
When in space, the delta fin function is no longer needed, the rocket becomes a space station, and the twin Delta Wing Flyers detach for taking astronauts back to Terra. The flyers can also become part of the space tourist package, and can be used for inspection trips around the space station and to see objects in space. The crafts can assist in station repairs with supplies, materials and tools.

Another style model
Flying In Space
The craft does have a powered engine. When in space, the Delta Wing Flyer can detach from the rocket and fly around with a compressed air powered engine and retro orientation nozzles distributed around the craft. The air engine can also serve as a backup in the event that more air is required for astronauts when in space.

Transporting Supplies
The twin flyers hold food, water, air, and supplies when initially transporting to space. Once in space, the supplies are transferred to the rocket space station as needed until the return flight or space tour.

Delta Wing Flyer design with two cabin windows
New Lossless Air Dock
Docked Delta Wing Flyers have an airlock for transfer to and from the rocket space station without any air loss. Lossless air design is a special lock to ensure the full use of all air available in space and to see that nothing is wasted. To accomplish this, the flyer is kept pressurized with air before, during and after transfers.

Fin Design
The delta wings, in the way the mounting is designed, are equivalent to four rocket fins. This design provides maximum rocket stability during rocket flight preventing or minimizing rocket rotation.

Element of Safety
As an added element of safety, the Delta Wing Flyer can serve as a backup limited short term space station in the event of the primary space station taking a large particle hit or other occurring anomaly.

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