Sunday, October 30, 2016

Space1 Minuscule Rocket MR

NASA printing
Space1 has developed the new MR Minuscule Rocket. As a dual purpose rocket or star ship, the MR hitches a ride to the ISS along with food. Once there, it's released into near space like a satellite, whereupon its rocket space cosmic drive takes over to propel it to the solar system beyond the Earth, and into deep space or to the stars.

MR has qualities of a space ship, with the world's first Cosmic Drive and on board resident quarters for microcosm occupants who will be propelled to the far reaches of space. Star panels provide energy to the MR for long space missions.

The Star Drive is being investigated for deriving power from stars and high energetic sources such as Jupiter size planets with radiation energy emissions and cosmos wind. A Star Drive could also be propelled in space by use of purposed space lasers.

MR, due to size, can utilize print technology, essentially creating tens of thousands of rockets that could be released on either redundant space missions or thousands of space missions to different parts of the galaxy.

MR Minuscule Rocket
Cosmic Drive
Star Panels

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