Thursday, October 27, 2016

Space1 Union Expansion

Product of the Big Brain Space Initiative
Space Meeting
S1 Union Expansion
Space1 has expanded operations by welcoming the members of the Big Brain Machine Intelligence Initiative. This includes 27 scientific technical background machine intelligence project spinoff individuals with advanced space science technical experience located internationally at large and brings the total of S1 members to 38. New members are a product of experiences produced during the Big Brain Space Initiative founded by Humanoido, with space missions, studies, and discoveries made within the distance from the Earth to the Edge of the Universe EOU boundary. New members admitted to the S1 Union hold AL At Large status. This introduces the AL status for the first time. Previously, members were internationally allocated.

Allocation / Distribution S1
Space1 has 38 members in Taiwan,
USA, South Korea, Singapore
and at large.

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