Sunday, March 20, 2016

Space1 Massive Drone

NASA's version of a large pilot-less drone
BREAKING NEWS: Space1, an non-military private space venture directed by Humanoido, has vested in very large and massive rc crafts inclusive of giant non-manned planes and SOTA drones that can support space rockets during the troposphere phase and penetrate the JS boundary.

Investment includes a massive multi-rotor drone, as there are no drone rules in the country. However, the Monsoon weather of constant rain has temporarily shut down the drone program. The big drone is currently stored in a second stage dedicated hangar construct. Space1 looks forward to exploring the large payload aspect of this big MF device.

Space1 developed a heavyweight FPV system for pilotless flying at long ranges, miles away. This will function with Space1's space craft base stations as well. Very exciting  news includes one config to serve as a tropo driver, taking ATM pile driver stuff to the edge of space.