Friday, February 19, 2016

Space1 Radio Rocket Sky Broadcast

Send up your rocket with a DIY radio station and broadcast from the sky in real time! This special project uses the Big Brain FM radio transmitter build found at the link below.

The FM radio station can be used as a rocket locator beacon finder on deeper space traveling test projects. The web site has a 24 part radio construction series that covers all the important details of building and operating the radio station. To convert to rocket use,  tips are recommended.

Remember, a smaller battery will run a shorter time and the radio station is reusable. Clone ten of these mini radio stations for your next ten rockets. Vary the frequency by adjusting the coil so two or more radio stations can transmit at the same time but on slightly different frequencies. Issue QSL cards to file statistics on range and reception.

* Use a strip PCB to fit the belly of the rocket
* Use the radio transmitter as a rocket beacon
* Enable a transmit a locator tone
* Use a smaller physical size battery
* Cut weight by using smaller components
* Cut a wire antenna to frequency resonance
* Digitally record programming for transmissions
* Replace the microphone with the oscillator

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