Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Space1 Web Presence

Space1 has launched a new Space Tourism web presence

The webmaster's design is simple, easy to post and update. The new site handles the basics of video, photos, text, links, and designs, yet will also handle the new features offered by Google.

The addition of video will become a very important part of Space1 to show and link space launches, engine tests, "robot humanoids" in action, and other aspects of space flight tourism.

There are possibilities in taking command of the HTML to create 3 dimensional VR rocket tours to acclimate potential tourists to the space flight system. In the long term, video samples maybe provided, of actual space flight and scenes from inside the rocket to show the buffeting, weightlessness, views out the spacecraft window, and the condition of the interior control panels, the occupants, flight computer parameters, or other details.

In the future, the site could offer space travel tickets, potential sales of items flown into space and otherwise, issue space flight awards and certificates to participants, show news and developments, and do routing of flights and directing activities to various spaceports.

The site may also highlight video to show interviews with the astronauts and machine humanoids, either on Earth or inside the rocket. Some interviews could happen during actual space flights. Space1 followers will certainly want to know the experiences and feelings of riding aboard the Safety Rocket into space.

The previous posts at the Big Brain site may be re-posted to the new site to provide a mirror, or a simple index of links may be offered. Stay tuned for upcoming developments.