Thursday, December 31, 2015

Space1 Humanoids in Space

What is the effectual gain of using humanoids in space?
How is Space1 integrating humanoid machines into space missions?

Space1 takes humanoids very seriously, integrating a series of artificial clones and unique constructs for conducting various space missions.

The Clone Series is stamped out through modern reproductive means to rapidly deploy a group of pioneering space humanoids whose sole purpose is to serve their human counterparts.

Humanoids have their own version of cryogenic stasis for long duration space flight using a power source and time keeping. Currently Space1 rocket flights are short duration.

Advantages to humanoid use include the following:

* No breathable air needed
* Can withstand extreme G forces
* Can be radiation hardened
* Repairable
* Able to assume space positions
* Capable of space walks
* Require no perishable food
* May be self repairing

* Meticulously follows commands
* Withstands high pressures
* Functions in space vacuum
* Extreme durability
* Mind is downloadable
* Has extreme patience
* No bio-atrophy
* Adaptable to weightlessness

* Can pilot craft
* Can datalog
* Recites/replays missions
* True multitasking
* Group functioning
* Integrates with Mission Control
* Great longevity
* Human companion

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