Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Space1 Tetrahedron Rocket Life Form

To make space travel more convenient and more stable, SPACE1 created the Tetrahedron Exoskeleton Rocket Life Form for Space Missions or TERLF. 

The shape of this created entity is a triangular three dimensional pyramid, larger at the base than the top, with stabilized sides. The shape facilitates complete stability during rocket acceleration. The tetrahedron is made up of four equilateral triangles called a regular tetrahedron. There are four faces of regular tetrahedron, all of which are equilateral triangles. It has a total of 6 edges all of which are equal in length. There are four vertices of regular tetrahedron, 3 faces meet at any one vertex. A regular tetrahedron can circumscribe a sphere that is tangent to all the faces of the tetrahedron and can be inscribed in a sphere that passes through all the vertices of tetrahedron. The center of the inscribed sphere, the center of the circumscribing sphere, and the center of the regular tetrahedron itself are coincidental. The shape can be modified to create sides that may facilitate the attachment of arms and other extremities for space travel. For long space missions, Multiple unit shapes can inscribe inside a large rocket vessel cube for transport taking up minimal space with no waste.