Thursday, February 22, 2018

Space1 Updating Spaceports

This is the discontinued Universal Test and Launch facility in Area 250a, which is similar to the rural country spaceport developed by Space1 and now discontinued in the USA. The management and ownership of the land abruptly redacted the space contract and the area was left for ruins.

Space1 has not updated spaceports since their inception in 2014, the year of their invention of the Safety Rocket. However, in 2018, new rocket technology created demands for updating all spaceports, making rocket launches more secure. In 2018, the advent of the USS Pioneer rocket fleet was born, with FAT design, the new more powerful rocket engine S1, a special more powerful fuel, larger lighter rocket tanks and fueling tanks, and special launchers that are built up from smaller light weight components. Updates are going into place across Space1 international locations where currently the majority of the test flights will take place.