Sunday, January 7, 2018

Space1 Tour

This opportunity is taken for a text tour of International Space1 Headquarters. This is the first publicly available text tour of Space1's international Corporate Office while maintaining some privacy issues of rocket space development. In the future, photos and video may be selectively added to the tours.

* This is our rocket and instrumentation design section by the picture window operated with several Apple Macintosh computers. We design the rockets here and create the blueprints to work from.

* In this section, on main floor and second floor, we have rocket parts inventory which include electronics for avionics and flight computers, and our newest imaging systems for rocket inspections and recording flight missions.

* Here we do ordering of rocket parts, and orders to supply our new large Chaser Drone Division.

* Over here is where we operate the Chaser Drone Division and run tests. Currently we have at least 15 drones in a flight hangar.

* This lab table is for electronics and smaller mechanical construction. There are two lab tables for this function.

* These two sections are mainly for humanoid robotics, and include at least 14 humanoids being used for space testing and development.

* This area is where we develop our PC programming, portable apps, and keep our PC computers.

* The side location has the lunch room for free snacks, tea and coffee.

* The deck provides a weather station and direct weather observations while weather station equipment measures current conditions. Radios and online data supplement the forecast.

* This Macintosh computer is used to blog Space1 news and updates.

* Meetings are held next to the Drone Division and serve as a place for instructional videos, equipped with iPhones and iPads.

* This is not the only Space1 location as we have operations in the USA, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai and Beijing. There is one undisclosed location in motion.

* This lab bench and room is relegated to the Big Brain artificial intelligence. Other AI are called to work as needed based on our AI standby methods.

* and this is a small astronomical observatory where we keep a Newtonian telescope and keep watch on the sky.