Thursday, January 4, 2018

Space1 Safety Record

Space1 has 5 years of space flight operations with a 100% perfect safety record. Space1 has launched and tested thousands of rockets and engines and engaged in new experimental designs across the span of many years with a perfect safety record.

How does Space1 accomplish such a feat? Space1 will share some of the information but not all the information as it hinges on proprietary safety rocket designs. One key feature common to space systems at Space1 Industries, and not the only key feature, is the ability to use space endeavored parts with a special design - i.e. of no moving elements. No moving elements NMEs are prevalent in the newest USS Pioneer Rocket space ship, the launch pad mechanisms, telemetry, and other systems. If a module has no moving elements, its MTBF ratings will be exceptional. The same NMEs are found all throughout the Space1 space systems, including fuel containment, rocket components such as the Thrusting Nozzle, and other specially designed features.

The Founder of Space1 is the only inventor and innovator of the Safety Rocket, a powerful rocket that keeps its occupants 100% safe during space tourism missions. Space1 is the only space industry that unconditionally guarantees the safety of space tourists. Space1 is rapidly garnering business, the only business that can guarantee safe delivery of payload and occupants. Space is a big business and Space1 aims to keep it safe for all its associates.