Sunday, October 1, 2017

Space1 Ballistic Helmet

Space1 is developing a hardened space helmet design based on the latest ballistic war technology devices, to deflect and absorb the relative impact of small ballistic hyper impending space debris in planetary orbit traveling near 25,000 mph.

Armor plating strategically placed on the helmet are designed to absorb or deflect ballistic space particles from the outside area of the space helmet.

These plates bolt in place and are serviceable on long term missions, thus extending the life of the suit. For example, in thin atmospheric planets such as Mars, or moons with little or no atmosphere, the dangers of impacting micrometeorites becomes an imminent threat. A serviceable suit will facilitate long term living and explorations of such moons and planets.

The above illustrations are based on preliminaries - the bullet proof Devtac Ronin Kevlar Level 3A Tactical Ballistic Helmet.

The final two illustrations show a helmet based on electronic eyes or EE technology. EE can interject images of the surroundings in varying spectrographics as well as views from space drones, static or motion cameras, and the point scenery from any angle.

The unit in it's final form is modified with the addition of D30 energy absorbing impact absorption material and enclosed and pressurized becoming a part of the space suit. A battery operated and adjustable circulatory system keeps the eye lenses from fogging. The evolution of the space suit is a step by step process, one towards a more safe process of space walking, in-space activities and the grand space exploration initiative.

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