Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Space1 Transporter Completed

This space humanoid robot brain vestibule has the capacity to receive one brain sent by Space1's
newest Transporter invention. Adapted from JD humanoid EZ Robot, prepped for space travel
and renamed Tom in dedication to the science fiction 1950s Tom Swift book series.
Transport or beam a humanoid robot brain from one location to another. Space1 announces completion of the next design transporter. The Brain transporter transports intellectual property from Mission Control directly into the Robonaut. This is a way to beam a brain into Robonauts before, during and after missions. The beaming process uses a standard electromagnetic wave spectrum as a brain carrier wave. This is the first brain transporter and only transports the brain, and cannot transport the physical body. Brain Transporters and brain beaming are the first step in Space1 transporter technology.

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