Saturday, July 22, 2017

Space1 Electric Engine

Space1 Chief Executive Humanoido has given a directive to begin, effectively immediately, a new summer core project changing the fuel of the rocket fleet, which currently contains powerful cyanic compounds that may combust under excessively hot conditions, to that of a cool electric and more safe EM design engine. The EM engines will cluster the rocket minimally to safely propel it skyward at reasonable Gforce. Minimal G forces will lessen the requirements on the astronauts space suit while providing a smoother ride for tourists.

The new fleet will contain electric engines rather than black powder motors used by most rockets currently in boosters today. Black powder is a combustible fuel that loads into the rocket, a design originating from thousands of years ago invented by the Chinese for use in war.

Electric rockets develop powerful thrust over unit time, slower impulse than black powder, but equal in terms of delivery over time. The Gforce will not have the heavy side effects of black powder and thus will create a more comfortable ride into space. "We view the use of the new electric rocket engines to be a safe way to traverse space and safely launch in places with high summer heat. Engines are versatile, reusable and can be maintained and refurbished or replaced."

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