Thursday, July 20, 2017

Space1 Rocket Fuel Study

Given recent Summer heat and new Space1 regulations governing space ports, exactly what is the safe storage requirement for Space1 rocket fuel?

Studying at least four elements of rocket fuel, chemical properties, stability, reactivity, polymerization, compound, volatility, decomposition, and heat storage, tests reveal storage parameters of 32 deg. to 140 deg. F. storage or 0 to 60 deg. C. As a fueled rocket waiting on the launch pad in the Summer sun could potentially exceed 140 deg. F., it will be recommended to stop operations during these conditions. It is also recommended that using a new fuel will be more safe. There are conditions of fuel transport that are unregulated which could result in anomalies. As a result, by unanimous agreement, the board of directors vote to conduct Space1 operations with both new fuel and new engines.

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