Saturday, June 17, 2017

Space1 Rockets 2017

Rocket launch and deep space tracking as it moves through the Troposphere
Space1 is preparing to design and manufacture an additional five new extremely large rockets. The new rockets are slated for manufacturing after parts and materials acquisition during the remainder of 2017. Although Space1 has a progressing trend of small and more efficient space tourism rockets, these new rockets will be some of the largest and most massive ever flown to date, requiring a new type of impulse thrust engine and a much larger spaceport for lift-off and recovery.

Taiwan map shows Space1 Mountain Spaceport
To accommodate the new larger rockets, a new larger launch tower will be constructed at the new spaceport. The new spaceport is known as the Mountain Spaceport, separating the launch tower from the Pacific Ocean Taiwan Strait and exhibiting one of the largest undeveloped land areas in the region. Though ideal for space launches, the grassland area near the mountains harbors poisonous wildlife, insects, and reptiles. Snakes can be a hazard when walking the field to the launch tower or anywhere within the rocket region. Maintenance crews should be aware of these hazards.

2017 rockets are larger and designed for the Multispectral feature. This means  more space tourists and a larger rocket for space to contain a Space Station and many new functions such as the new Flight Dynamics Computer with a variety of sensors including the ability to measure the G-Force, Altitude, and parameters such as speed, rocket impulse and thrust.

The Mountain Spaceport is seen on the map in the Northern site of Taiwan near Taipei. The mountain exits over the Pacific Ocean. Rockets can also land at this spaceport which is large enough for the five new large 2017 Space1 Safety rockets. These rockets are expected to have missions in the latter part of 2017.

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