Thursday, May 18, 2017

Space1 Universal Dome Station Hard Shell

Space1 introduces the Universal Dome Station Non-Transparent Hard Shell or HS. The deployed HS is non-transparent and designed to resist the impact of micro-meteors and incoming space debri while keeping toxic atmospheres out of the dome. The HS, expected to deploy first on the Earth by 2150 or 2200, is typically erected on planets and planetoids with no or relatively thin atmospheres such as the Moon and Mars. It is also designed to keep out poisonous and toxic atmosphere, such as the air that will likely exist in the projected year 2050 and 2080 on Earth. The HS can also be erected on flat slabs floating in outer space for colonization extensions CEs. CEs are important in the case of total Earth annihilation by an incoming disaster asteroid that would have the capability to wipe out human civilization.