Friday, May 26, 2017

Space1 Space Station 2200

Space1 is looking at deploying a full docking and life support space station "planetoid" to support space migrants and settlers in the quadrant and to fully support incoming warp drive Space1 Signature Series spacecraft and respective star ships. This is a space year 2200 project designed for construction from the years 2100 through 2200. This is a long term colony station capable of traveling to position itself throughout the solar system, and supporting long range deep space mission. The ringed system generates multiple tiers of artificial gravity and is colonized by self replicating humanoid life forms created by Space1 Earth scientists. Humanoid life forms are long life, capable of living centuries, self replicating and mending, and exploring star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The concept of colonizing other planets like Mars is only one time line in human expansion to other worlds. These large derivative space stations are evolved into entire self sustaining planets, capable of supporting human and AI life. This Artificial Planetary Station has many benefits of specific regulation and self generation of all the elements necessary to sustain advanced life.

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