Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Space1 Life on Stars

Touring the space of solar life in and between stars is a thrilling revelation
New ships are required to explore solar life potentials, such as Space1's Photonic Penetrator
Earth's blazing Sun is the first solar tour step, at 93 million miles distance
Space1 is exploring tours for life spots at star systems including our own sun. Imagine a space tour to a system where the travelers can watch the primal emergence of new ordered life forms on, in, or near hot molten stars. Our own sun is a star, the next stop in space tourism, looking for possible life.

How many stars are available to harbor life? 

Star age and its mass may effect its harboring of life forms
Artist's conception of a touring solar craft headed towards a binary star system in search of life
Will solar life look like these intelligent twin creatures from Earth?
Our Universe could be the home to 300 sextillion 300,000, 000,000,000, 000,000,000 stars. That's a 3 with 23 zeroes after it. As technology improves and we get even better glimpses at the far corners of the Universe, we may eventually find that the number of stars is even greater than anyone could ever imagine! What is the possibility of a new kind of life existing on these stars? Suns are rich with the building blocks of the Universe, including fundamental particles, radiation and rays that are found across the galaxy. It would be easy to imagine countless particle life forms existing within the liquid confines of molten stars. Life here is safe for the life forms, where temperatures are many millions of degrees and guard naturally against carbon based life and humans.

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