Monday, May 22, 2017

Space1 Humanoid Prepares for Space

Space1's Tom Humanoid in test mode - Photo by Humanoido
The Space Humanoid Thomas is being prepared for space by programming. 

"Tom," who is named after the famous genius boy wonder in the Tom Swift book series, is a very capable humanoid robot. 

Approximately a foot tall, Tom is extremely advanced. For example, he can grasp hand holds alongside spacecraft during space walks, activate control panel buttons and switches and likely perform space repairs.

Tom has exclusively keen vision, able to recognize objects, shapes, icons, codes, and people's faces. Fully equipped with a power supply, arms, legs, feet, neck, head, body torso, and eyes, it's expected that Tom could not only serve as a valued Robonaut in space but also pilot the Delta Wing Flyer for Space1 missions. Programming is currently a part of testing Tom's functions and capabilities while checking servo motor performance and other detail.

Tom is extremely versatile and can also be adapted to a diminutive mode to fit tighter space craft, capsules and work places. Humanoids such as Tom are also well suited for hibernation during space trips to conserve the power supply. Humanoid robots are also suitable for telescope repair in space.

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