Monday, May 15, 2017

Space1 Dome City

Centaur Domed Station, USS Cygnus Command Tower Concept Art by Robert T McCall
Bigelow Aerospace B330 in 2017
Space1 is examining various designs for domed cities for future habitation in the colonization of space and planets.

A domed city is a rapidly developing concept for Space1 in 2017. Domed cities could be deployed throughout the solar system by the year 2500. For example, even now, new private space industry startups such as Bigelow Aerospace are already developing space habitats made of flexible and inflatable material. It's just a matter of using transparent material on spherical shaped versions to extend the concepts of these early habitats. Another concept uses a spherical structure with replaceable window inserts as seen in the illustration.
Domed city with structural window inserts for maintenance and replacement as needed
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