Saturday, April 15, 2017

Space1 Shanghai China Survey

Space1 has surveyed the Communist Red China Shanghai region for space business potential, interests and flight dynamics during the April 2017 trip.

The region contains many open areas controlled by the government and military. All air space is military controlled and not deemed suitable for S1 spaceports, rocket launches or S1 interests.

CHINA has a strict policy of controlling and taking over not
only land but the sea as well. This includes laying claim to new waters that have claimed ownership by other countries in the China Sea region. According to numerous reports, China observes its own law when it comes to claiming controlled off-shore territory. This negates finding close-by international waters for conducting S1 operations.

Commercial jet liners are frequently stalled on the ground, waiting before takeoff, per military flight restrictions of air space per public announcements at airports. Commercial airline flights are typically delayed and do not always follow schedule.

Internet is blocked from seeing sources outside the country of China. Net inside the communist country averages 1 bit per second, which is useless for conducting specific tech business.

The government controls the internet, blocking many sources and reading and recording email without adherence to privacy. During the time of observation, all USA blogs were blocked.

Google and Gmail are completely blocked and nonfunctional. The reverse is true. Searches for information from outside countries to sources inside China are nonfunctional and blocked.

Social media is blocked and rendered nonfunctional. Line is blocked. Only WeChat is permitted, which is owned and regulated by communist China. It's reported that all conversations are recorded and kept on file, and referenced for use which could be for legal or military reasons.

China only permits its own Baidu search engine and monitored apps. These are in Chinese language, not English.

China has increased it's closed door policies in recent years. Many businesses have left China as a result.

China has air and space museums, astronomical observatories, telescopes and weather stations. These areas and installations are closed to the public and available only for strict military operations and viewing.

Shanghai appears to be a military state, with military guards posted at every skyscraper. A vehicle entering the parking lot is typically stopped, recorded, and searched.

TV is blocked from outside news about China. Bad news about the USA typically runs an hour at a time for obvious propaganda purposes. Bad news about China televised by CNN is blackened out for example.

China has a policy of claiming any intellectual property created in China, in business or otherwise, and states it becomes the property of China. This is unacceptable to S1 operations.

Announcements of severe air quality was continual from day to day. Observations showed the type of pollution to include smoke and fog (smog), burning metal, and chemicals. Exposure of personnel to the air on a continuing basis could result in lung, throat, nose, esophageal and other disease including death. Each day the pollution in the air was visible - sometimes one could not see across the street as the visibility was less than a city block.

Per these tourism observations, S1 will not conduct any operations in China at this time. S1 will review the area at a future date to see if the air pollution is cleaned up and an open door freedom policy is introduced by China. S1 relies heavily on its web core and humanoid web AI applications which are rendered useless in China. This lack of AI and high tech support is unacceptable. Controlled air space and the lack of hobby space is not conducive to our space tourism programs and missions or marketing, and is unacceptable. The lack of freedom and expression in not only internet terms but the factors specified are unacceptable. Personnel working in the severe polluted air environment is not acceptable.

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