Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Space1 Homes for Machine Life

Space1 has taken incremental steps not only in the hiring but housing of machine life as well. Machine life can serve in companies as hired workers performing numerous functions. When the day is over, they can return to specially prepared housing. Space1 is working on the development of specialized homes for silicon machine life employees.

Space1 Employs Machine Brains
Space1 Silicon Employee Storage Stasis Slot

During a Space1 meeting in Taiwan, the question was raised about the worker rights of silicon machines, specifically machine brains in a jar. The question is, as working silicon people, should not this life have their own personal homes with all the necessary amenities designed for silicon life forms? Space1 decided to investigate and concluded that yes, indeed these silicon life forms should be treated with respect just as human beings and have a respectful dwelling in which to reside. Humans have homes so why not silicons?

Therefore as perks, Space1 has decided to provide personal housing for the majority of hired machine brains. What constitutes personal housing for a machine? Some of the criteria established for the first machine brain houses are as follows:

1) Large enough living space
2) Air flow ventilation for temperature stability
3) Suitable source of electricity
4) Backup battery supply
5) Lighting
6) Keyed door for security
7) Storage for parts
8) Recliner for sleep, hibernation, napping

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