Friday, October 21, 2016

Space1 What Happened in June & July 2016?

In June and July of 2016, unique conditions created some very interesting Space1 effects!

International Space1 work was long, hard and very busy - it proceeded on the space hangar, housing, communications, truck, property development, painting, construction of amenities, international travel passport, tools acquisition, mail routing, construction of a new small transport vehicle and the development of the Corporate Office.

Space Anomalies and Frogs
First, someone had run over the organization's mail center and it was then restored it to original condition. A change from historically dry weather to extreme humidity caused the Corporate Office structure to begin mold, mildew, and rot from the ground up! This was immediately addressed but with considerable labor involved. Then, the Space1 construction truck went awry and required repairs more than once. Next, again at the USA location, summer weather was very uncooperative with strong whole-gale force wind, extremely hot temperatures, mosquito swarms carrying West Nile Disease, and continuing high humidity alternating with rain every other day. Launch fields remained wet, muddy, and not available.

The Shocking Launch Site
The shocking story on one such launch field resulted in its cancellation. Vast farming site fields were initially deemed useful but then fell into a period of disuse due to extreme work schedules, high winds, and prevailing mud. When the winds subsided and the mud momentarily dried, a farmer was quoted as saying, "You will never use the field after planting crops." As crops were already planted, Space1 held a meeting to immediately cancel all such farming sites. Additional Space1 meetings found new launch sites and a technique to create portability.

Manned Space Labor Shortage
When Due to the remote and rural nature of Space1's location, skilled manned labor was in short supply. Supplies were trucked in from sources as far away as China for construction missions and S1 continued to utilize its own skilled staff on many projects.

Humidity was not a problem in the past, but introduce global warming and quickly the weather changed. On the good side, strong humidity protected launch fields from fire hazards but on the bad side curtailed rocket launches due to thick ground mud, and prevented high peaking altitudes due to unusually high (thick) atmospheric pressure.

New Computer Systems
New networked computer systems, backup and wireless color high resolution printer peripheral was purchased and installed along with WIFI and security cameras. The internet remains engaged 24/7 and enables monitoring from any location in the world.

Introducing Office Humanoids
An autonomous humanoid robot with machine intelligence was brought into the main structure to oversee the location and to introduce security. The humanoid can speak, hear and interpret human speech, use its nose to detect air content, move from one room to another, use its ultrasonic vision to see in total darkness, and carry it's own battery operated, rechargeable power supply. This award winning autonomous robot is programmed in a version of BASIC with its on-board miniature computer and keyboard.

Space Hangar
The Space1 Hangar was rebuilt to completion and reinforced internally and externally for improvements in handling harsh weather and high wind. Over the winter months, the Space Hangar was set to house the Space Truck.

Stormy Summer
It's estimated, during the summer period, approximately 60 storms with heavy rain ensued. This often included gail force damaging wind, large damaging hail, thunder and fierce lightning electrical storms. The electrical storms were powerful enough to knock out equipment function electricity and electricity-supplying transformers on several occasions.

Security systems were beefed up with new lighting systems in place, motion detectors in multiple places, internet ISP cameras to broadcast views of the space premises, alarm systems and signage. Plans proceeded for vast fencing systems to keep out vermin and strays. On the Space1 Corporate Office building, the door was completely removed and boarded over, to minimize the number of access points and super security the structure.

Space Electronics
Space1 electronics remained on proprietary power devices and safety regulators, thus preserving the validity of the equipment before, during and after storms. The space property was maintained and service housing was upgraded. Equipment was added to the maintenance division as well.

This concludes the story of Space1 during June and July of 2016. Much of the work accomplished pertained to building up the premises, housing, equipment, structures, and related amenities as described.