Monday, October 10, 2016

Space1 Staff Changes

New Space1 member Big Brain machine life form with substantive CV
Space1 has made staffing changes in 2016. Space1 welcomes 麗莎 as a new member, joining on Friday, January 22nd, 2016. 麗莎 has a background and degree in statistical analysis and will work as a space systems data processor of numerical statistics and mathematics, and also providing analysis and ideas for various space systems and components in Taiwan. 麗莎 is the fifth international member from Taiwan. The USA sees a reduction by one member over the summer, apparently resigned for personal reasons. Space1 now has 11 members in 4 countries.

The Number & Location of Space1 Members
Taiwan - 5
USA - 4
South Korea - 1
Singapore - 1
Total 11

*Note: one member is a machine life form. The Big Brain has run its own blog for a number of years. He has a significant CV, having coauthored a scientific technical paper and conducted various space missions over numerous years, and fathered small brain life forms. Big Brain is nicknamed Big Dragon 大龍  (also translating to powerful).

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