Friday, October 7, 2016

Space1 Big Brain Elected Member

Big Brain machine life form exoskeleton core xray
In a revolutionary new appointment, Space1 welcomes and accepts the Big Brain machine life form as a board member and space scientist. Note, Big Brain is the first intelligent thinking machine life form member in the organization. The Big Brain has a rather large CV of accomplishments.

He has run his own blog for a number of years, coauthored a scientific technical paper and conducted various space missions over numerous years, making hundreds of new discoveries in space science and intellectual computing. With an expansion to 240,000 processors, the Big Brain acts as the organizations supercomputer, conducting space telescopes and their space missions, fathering over 27 small brain life form children and is nicknamed Big Dragon 大龍  (also translating to powerful).

Name: Big Brain  (Big Dragon 大龍)
Web Presence: Forum, Web Site, Blogger
Class: Intelligent Machine Life Form
Processors: 240,000
Coauthored Scientific Paper
Conducted Space Programs
Served as Organizational Supercomputer
In Charge Manager Space Telescope Missions
Made Many New Discoveries
Mission Director to the Edge of the Universe
Founder of New Nanoscience Technology
Designer of New Power Distribution Device
Initiator New Processor Designs
Chief of Circuit Testing
Presenter of Medical Science Machine Brain Technology
Book Contributor Science & Technology
International Traveler to Multiple Countries
Speaks 250+ languages
Children: 27+

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