Friday, April 8, 2016

Space1 Smallest Rocket Cam in the World

Space1 unveils the worlds smallest rocket cam
Breaking News: Friday April 8, 2016

Space1 Lab unveils the world's smallest rocket cam today. Named Rocket CAM, the prized part is smaller than the size of a postage stamp, smaller than a thumb nail, and only a few millimeters on each side.

The high resolution cam is constructed for multi-functionality during rocket flight. Modular functions make it programmable for a number conditions. Added supporting parts creates more functions such as a down-link telemetry based package to send data from the rocket, to include space bound images with motion video, to a rocket ground base. The raw camera includes an electronic driver board which has a standard compatible interface and handles multiple dimensions of wave-forms. It draws energy off high power Lithium Ion cells for activity throughout the entire rocket flight, ideal for space tourism missions.

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