Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Space1 March Update

In March, Space1 continues to receive rocket parts orders for the construction of rockets, inventions and supporting equipment at the international Taiwan locations. Command and control will be released back to the USA in April and the current ordering cycle will be suspended. Receiving rocket parts orders will continue as will the construction of various new inventions.

Fourteen USA rocket flights are planned at the USA Spaceports, including the first rocket release tests of Space1's secret rocket space planes. The space planes will undergo autonomous launch, flight, and glide return missions. One objective is the possible mission of space tourists having the option to return in a space plane that can be either piloted or returned automatically by various methods.

Upon completion of this cycle, the world's first Space1 astronaut will venture into space and the door to space tourism will swing wide open for the first group of history-making space touring pioneers. Construction work will begin for the new rocket space center in the spring of 2016. When completed, the rocket space center will become the hub and a beehive of space activity.

* prized corporate center for space1
* construction site for rockets
* aerodynamic space lab
* hangar for rockets, modules and transport vehicles
* electronic weather station
* astronomical observatory
* observatory foundation - rocket related phenomena
* electronics lab
* robotics lab for advanced developments
* space supercomputer center
* testing center for equipment
* space inventions center
* transfer of the quantum mechanics lab
* transfer of the space time relativity lab

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