Thursday, January 7, 2016

Space1 Q&A Space Paper SP

The buzz is all about newly invented Space Paper (SP). We queried the inventor of Space Paper to gain more insight about this remarkable material.

Q - Why was Space Paper invented?

A - SP was invented primarily for strong, lightweight, exoskeletons to be used inside the Safety Rocket and spacecraft systems.

Q - Who has Space Paper (SP)?
A - Only we have it at Space1. There's actually several materials in addition to SP that are unique to our labs.

Q - Who invented SP?
A - The Founder of Space1

Q - What does it take to invent such a material?

A -  A strong history of invention and materials development, with backgrounds of Chemical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Advanced Laboratory, etc.

Q - Where is it made?
A - At Space1 Rocket Lab

Q - What does the inventor say about SP?
A - "I just got lucky with my schooling, the jobs I worked in manufacturing, materials, robotics, and being in the right place at the right time."

Q - Is testing completed?
A - The study and tests with SP will continue. Space1 has accepted it for construction of the things needed inside the rocket.

Q - What are some uses of SP?
A - SP was invented primarily for exoskeletons to be used inside the rocket and spacecraft systems. It's also useful for strong but lightweight rocket bulkheads and may be incorporated into many other areas of drop satellites and spacecraft/spaceplanes. It will be useful for the space crew compartments, cockpit design, and structures requiring form, strength, and light weight. Plus the bonus is heat and cold resistance. This will be useful in the heated parts of the rocket, near the massive engine ejection mecha where hot searing gases permeate. It can also be used as shield material in rocket sections, where a heat shield is required. SP may become the next heat shield on the safety rocket. Other potential apps exist. SP could be used as a mount, cushioning the back side of a space telescope mirror. It could hold solar cells for our future space station and make up the structure of its walls.

Q - What about rocket reentry?
A - Our rocket reentry is slow, and no high 2,000 degree temperatures are generated like NASA's space shuttle return, which required heavy (due to the large number and thickness) protective ceramics. So SP will fit perfect our advanced but simple systems.

Q - How can SP be used outside of the rocket?
A - For space walks, SP could shield the Sun, and insulate from the coldness of space.

Q - Can SP help astronuts?
A - Impregnated SP could shield astronuts from harmful xrays, cosmic rays, solar wind, radiation, and other dangerous particles. It's possible rocket suits will be made of both stiff and flexible SP. SP could be worked into a super material, for invincibility. This might be valuable for Ejectables super hero persona undergoing stress and force.

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