Friday, December 25, 2015

Space1 Safety Rocket Made in USA

Space1 founder invents the world's first safety rocket in America
The American founder of Space1 has invented the world's first Safety Rocket, a reusable space traveling vessel designed to keep tourists safe.

Having roots in the USA, Space1 is a bold new venture into the recent private space industry, and has branched out internationally, with spaceport divisions existing in the USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macao. Now exceeding eleven international spaceports, the growing expanding Space1 space agency is readying a mission to launch the world's first Safety rocket, with multiple astronauts, into space using the most unique and technologically innovative system to come along since the inception of the space program in the 1950s. In over 60 years, Space1 is the first to create and bring to fruition a system that had previously only existed in the journals of science fiction. Stay tuned as Space1 will soon reveal what everyone is waiting for.

USA                2
Taiwan             2
South Korea        1
Singapore          4
Hong Kong          1
Macao              1
Total              11